Kerastraight Ultimate Treatment- Keratin Smoothing

Kerastraight Ultimate Treatment: There’s a few keratin treatments on the market so, how do you choose which one is right for you?

Are you suitable for Kerastraight Ultimate? Is your hair…?

Hard to manage? Takes too long to style and dry? Frizzy? Dry/damaged? Or all of these? The Kerastraight Ultimate Treatment can be the perfect solution to all of these issues. Want to retain your curl but wish to get rid of the frizz? This amazing treatment is also suitable for you. We can adjust the treatment with as added booster for those of you who would like to tame their curl slightly or who have super resistant hair. This service is perfect fr those in high-humidity conditions who would normally have unruly, frizzy hair (holiday season/Manchester in general!).

Amy, our creative director, is our in-salon Kerastraight ambassador so book a consultation with her if you wish to take your hair to the next level.

How long does the treatment take?

The treatment takes around 2.5-3 hours depending on hair type and density.

What does the it involve?

We firstly wash your hair with a special cleanser, before applying the product and leaving it to develop. Your hair then rinsed and dried and then we use some special irons, with a certain number of ‘passes’ to help push the product into your hair. You will be left with super shiny and glossy hair.

When can I wash my hair after the treatment?

You can wash your hair 30 minutes after the treatment, no waiting for days before you can wash it. Don’t forget your extra long first rinse though!

How long does it last?

Up to 4 months, gradually fading, provided you use the correct aftercare. You can also have a 30 day mini treatment which is just 20 minutes to help boost the full service after about 2-3 months.

How much does the Ultimate Treatment cost?Kerastraight Ultimate Treatment Manchester

You can see our Kerastraight Ultimate Treatment prices here.


If you’d like to read more about Kerastraight you can do so on their website or, alternatively, call the salon.

Gender Neutral Salon & Equality

Gender Neutral Salon: Welcome to 2018.

We’re becoming a gender neutral salon. And, here’s why…

Once upon a time (read: 1950s), women went to go and get their hair done in a salon and this was their only bit of luxury ‘me time’ away from the house. They’d spend hours underneath the dryers, chatting and reading magazines. Men would go to a barbershop and get a quick cut, no-frills.

While I can’t speak for everyone, I would like to think most of us enjoy today’s ritual of salon life. Guy or girl.

Why then, is there a price difference dependant on gender? When you come to Brandon May, whether you’re a man or woman, black, white, blue or whatever, EVERYONE gets the same treatment. We have, over the years, been proud to give our clients something special, TIME! Time for us to listen to what you want, to provide a great service and in a relaxed environment, making your precious time with us enjoyable.

So, we’re making a stand: We’re becoming a gender neutral salon. We’re mixing it up and, as far as we’re aware, doing something no other salon in Manchester is doing right now. We’re fighting for feminism, for equal opportunities, for the future!

The second part to our reasoning, is about FAMILY.

As some of you will already know, I have a trans brother. During his transition, he would have found it very awkward to book for a hair cut. Just potentially having to explain something personal to a total stranger would have been too much to handle. I would hate for anyone coming through our doors to feel uneasy in any way. Something we’ve always striven for: everyone feeling relaxed and ‘at home’ in our salon. Part of the Brandon May family.

So, there’s an updated pricing system to reflect these (positive) changes we’re making. We still cater for men, women and children but the pricing is about the hair on your head, not your gender.

If you’re unsure about which service to choose, then we’re just at the end of the phone or you can ask us what you need to book in for. You can see our choice of haircuts and book HERE.

If you can relate to any of what I’ve mentioned in this blog then we’re the place for you. No drama, no stress, just good hair – whoever you are.


Sonya & the Brandon May team xx



90s hair trends using label.m Highlighting Toners for Festival Hair

With recent 90s hair trends, these looked set to stay with Gigi & Bella Hadid on the Versus Versace runway in London Fashion Week AW17. Both wore deep side partings and had a grunge element to their look with a lived-in feel that is key. On the Ashish catwalk there was also a nod to this trend, hair-wise. We saw models with worn-blue hair, something which we can expect you guys to follow suit with for festivals and the like.

While we can do plaits, braids and curls for you in-salon, many of you will be looking for something to do yourselves for that day three festival hair.

Red & Blue Highlighting Toners layered up

Here’s where we come in! We’ve got the Label.m blue Highlighting Toner sprays to help you achieve this 90s hair look in a non-committal way. These are just £10.95 so ask in salon for a demo. You just spray them in, leave to dry (or dry in if you’re glamping!). You can layer as much as you want for more intense shades. These can be sprayed in before styling into little buns or you could plait and spray on top. You could even go Gigi and Bella and do a deep side part ponytail!

Alternatively, if you’re not going to a festival this year but want to try this 90s hair trend? You can just get the toners to use in every day life. They’re not sticky or clumpy – unlike some other coloured sprays. Best of all? They wash out after just one wash, leaving you colour as normal. What are you waiting for? We currently have blue and red (which gives a great peachy tone to blonde hair) in stock.

90s hair trend blue grunge

label.m Blue Highlighting Toner used on different shades

We’ve added some pictures to our instagram for you to have a look at. If you’ve used these label.m Highlighting Toners then why not upload a #brandonmayselfie and tag us.


Red Carpet Hair | Brits vs Grammys


With it being the Grammys, BAFTAs and Brit Awards recently we thought we’d talk about our favourite red carpet looks from all three and give you some pointers on how you can achieve red carpet-ready hair yourself!

In our eyes, the true stars of the Brit Awards 2016 were Adele, who recently cut her hair into a mid-length bob (a midi or lob, we did a blog post on this a while back!) and livened up her colour with some balyage, a soft highlight technique which we’re doing a lot of at the moment. She showed this look to perfection with a pop lip and strayed from her usual all-black attire to a stunning red gown. If you’d like to book in for a consultation to give your hair that extra va va voom then we’d love to have a chat with you.


The other was Perrie Edwards from Little Mix. Her natural, sun kissed colour is on point and is set off perfectly by the way it’s been styled. This can be recreated at home using sea salt spray (£14.75) and using Label.M Titanium Pro Iron (£74.99) to give that ‘beach wave’. Finish with Soufflé (£13.25) and voila!

Our favourite from the Grammys was Bella Hadid with her centre part, slicked back. This perfectly complemented her glossy, dark chocolate colour. This was closely followed by Carrie Underwood, who also had her hair brought back, but in a slightly more relaxed way.


The BAFTAs was a different night altogether for hair. From Laura Whitmore with her glam up-do to Kate Winslet’s wonderfully icy blonde, the stars went all out. The guys went for more slick-back styles from a bygone era (Leo & Sacha Baron-Cohen) which we loved. There were plenty of gorgeous styles to choose from with the ladies but the one who just pipped it for us…? Isla Fisher, take a bow. Her super shiny, auburn hair suited that vintage glamour finger wave down to a tee. We’ve featured a few different vintage styles on our Instagram page, go take a look!

Our Third Birthday


We thought we’d give you a little update, with it being our third birthday it seemed like a good time!

Sophia left in December to move to Newcastle, and we were sorry to see her go, as I’m sure you guys were too. She’s all settled in a salon up there now and we’re currently in the process of finding a new member of the team to join us we will keep you posted when we do.

Lydia has just started her NVQ level 3, so will be continuing to do models, in salon, as part of her training. You can contact us via phone on the normal number to book in for that.

Sinead is doing so well here doing her Bio Sculpture gel nails and, for those of you which haven’t tried her nail prowess, we suggest you get booked in as she’s getting busy!

We’d just like to take this opportunity to thank you all for letting us get creative with your hair and for all making it such a pleasure for us to come to work every day. We’re very lucky; cheers guys!

Love, the Brandon May team xx

Ombre or Balayage?

We get asked this question a lot… What’s the difference between ombre and balayage?

To put it simply, ombre is a more bold, ‘dip dye’ kind of look; more colour through the ends of the hair and balayage is a softer, grown out highlight, sun kissed affect.

At Brandon May, we’ve been doing a lot of these lately, as you can see on our Instagram pictures. A lot of you have been recently leaning towards a lower-maintenance balayage, and you can choose a range of different colours to suit your skin tone.

We think the reason it’s so popular is that it’s a way for people to experiment with colour if they’ve never tried it and brunette’s can go lighter without the root upkeep and blondes can go a bit darker without having to lose that lightness that they love. It really is a trend for everyone; even some of our more mature guests have tried some  subtle versions of this trend.Balayage and Ombre Hair Machester

We constantly update our knowledge and skills to keep up with the latest ways of applying colour so we can give you guys the best colour possible, in a number of different techniques. So if you’d like to try either one of these fab colours then call in for a consultation!


The Versatile Midi


Some call it a long bob, mid length haircut; on the shoulder hair… we like the word MIDI. Mid length hair is very now and recently, here at Brandon May, there have been quite a lot of requests for us to chop away at people’s long locks to reveal more mid-length styles.

We love the transformation from long to mid and this is a length that is so versatile and suitable for most hair types. While you can still tie it up for the gym or those lazy days, style wise it can be worn straight, loosely curled or just scrunched to give that relaxed wave! This length instantly adds thickness to finer hair and for those lucky ladies with thick hair, washing and drying time is decreased. WIN/WIN!

Anyway, take a look at our gallery for a few midi styles that have left the salon lately…