Brandon May Hair – Pre-Consultations

Due to new restrictions in place we will require everyone wishing to come for an appointment to fill out a pre consultation form before we can book their appointment.
This is to establish what services will be required as this may be different to what you would normally have been booked for, and we need to ensure timings are correct due to distancing guidelines.
We will require a very recent photograph of your hair and complete honesty (don’t worry if you’ve applied something during lockdown, we just need to know what so we can do our job properly!).
Some of you may be required to have a remote zoom consultation as well so we can go more in depth before we can book you in. We will book you in for this before your appointment.
All appointments will now be subject to a non-refundable booking fee of £15 for cuts or blow dries and £30 for anything else. This can be transferred with at least 48 hours prior notice to your appointment.

Thanks for your understanding.

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