Gender Neutral Salon: Welcome to 2018.

We’re becoming a gender neutral salon. And, here’s why…

Once upon a time (read: 1950s), women went to go and get their hair done in a salon and this was their only bit of luxury ‘me time’ away from the house. They’d spend hours underneath the dryers, chatting and reading magazines. Men would go to a barbershop and get a quick cut, no-frills.

While I can’t speak for everyone, I would like to think most of us enjoy today’s ritual of salon life. Guy or girl.

Why then, is there a price difference dependant on gender? When you come to Brandon May, whether you’re a man or woman, black, white, blue or whatever, EVERYONE gets the same treatment. We have, over the years, been proud to give our clients something special, TIME! Time for us to listen to what you want, to provide a great service and in a relaxed environment, making your precious time with us enjoyable.

So, we’re making a stand: We’re becoming a gender neutral salon. We’re mixing it up and, as far as we’re aware, doing something no other salon in Manchester is doing right now. We’re fighting for feminism, for equal opportunities, for the future!

The second part to our reasoning, is about FAMILY.

As some of you will already know, I have a trans brother. During his transition, he would have found it very awkward to book for a hair cut. Just potentially having to explain something personal to a total stranger would have been too much to handle. I would hate for anyone coming through our doors to feel uneasy in any way. Something we’ve always striven for: everyone feeling relaxed and ‘at home’ in our salon. Part of the Brandon May family.

So, there’s an updated pricing system to reflect these (positive) changes we’re making. We still cater for men, women and children but the pricing is about the hair on your head, not your gender.

If you’re unsure about which service to choose, then we’re just at the end of the phone or you can ask us what you need to book in for. You can see our choice of haircuts and book HERE.

If you can relate to any of what I’ve mentioned in this blog then we’re the place for you. No drama, no stress, just good hair – whoever you are.


Sonya & the Brandon May team xx